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Updating data from excel to access

Any letters that were closed during the month are excluded from the next monthly report.

I need to import only the new letters and I need to update the status for all the letters in the table based on the following 3 scenarios: There will be letters in the tbl Letter and not in the Excel file.

The inital setup was easy of doing the first import and setup to elliminate duplications. Because I have a unique non duplicatable field the new data can not be imported into the table using the Import table function. You may want to import the new information to a new table in Access, then work with the tables there.

I don't know if correlated queries work this way in Access (someone can correct me if I am wrong) but when you have the second table in Access you could try: That's a bit different then.

However, if you rename a column header in Excel that is used in a Power Pivot relationship, you must create the Power Pivot relationship again.

Hello everyone, I'm writing a VBA script for a button command in Access.

The following is my code: Private Sub Insert_Click() Dim obj Excel As Object Dim obj Workbook As Object I'm having a an issue with this approach. Once a new record is updated, that record and its other related records get updated into an excel file - which can be displayed as read only in a One Drive weblink.

By default, Excel automatically generates names for tables (Table1, Table2, and so on) but you can easily rename tables by using the Excel interface.

In Windows Vista and Windows 7, features in the Power Pivot window are available on a ribbon, which is discussed in this topic.

Action needed enter closed letter in the status field Currently I’m using the following code to import only the new letters which seems to work. Transfer Spreadsheet ac Import, ac Spreadsheet Type Excel, "tbl_new_Update Letter", _ str File, True, "tbl_new_Update Letter$" Do Cmd.

Private Sub Command2_Click() Dim my Value, str File As String my Value = Input Box("Enter the Update Letter month (3 letters only)", "Update Letter Month") On Error Go To Errorhandler str File = "\ns-wawwfs01\unpdate Letter11\Update Letter details for 2011 " & my Value Do Cmd. Run SQL "UPDATE tbl_new_Update Letter SET [File Date]=FDate & CYear where [File DATE] IS NULL;" Do Cmd.

is a table that has been created in Excel but is linked to a table in the Power Pivot window.

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Importing data from Excel to Access can be a little dicey, often resulting in missing information, incorrectly converted values, or data that's difficult to work with. 
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Updating data from excel to access introduction

Updating data from excel to access

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